Excuse Me Miss140803-talent-600x600, do you know what is about to go down September 4th? Trying to refrain from any wordplay involving the 12th man being “Happy” about welcoming home their Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks, but the Seahawks and Green Bay Packers are set to kick off the 2014 NFL season in Seattle at Centurylink Stadium with pregame performances by Pharrell and Soundgarden. Sorry, it couldn’t be avoided, it’s damn near impossible. An N.E.R.D. reference just doesn’t have the ease and cheese factor.

Regardless, this unlikely duo is perfect because Pharrell is about the biggest thing going in music, which gives the NFL and network ratings people a Viagra alternative and Soundgarden allows the national media to think they are cultured by talking about the Seattle Grunge scene. Maybe they can show a clip of those guys tossing a fish at Pike Place Market! Or maybe show the line outside the first ever Starbucks! Boy, wouldn’t that be cool? So Seattle!

How can you NOT be a sucker for all of this? It’s glorious. Thursday night in September, Pharrell, Soundgarden, Championship Banner Raising, Fail Mary part II, Ariana Grande singing the National anthem, whichever Northwest legend they choose to raise the 12th Man flag, Football Season, It’s Beautiful.