Gary Clark Jr - Gary Clark Jr Live

By Ian Bremner

For the segment of Gary Clark Jr. fans that thought the (slight over) production of Black and Blu didn’t quite capture the raw energy of  Gary’s live set, the new live album released today aptly titled, Gary Clark Jr. Live, could provide the remedy to move past that.

Clark is a genuinely great performer. He’s got the whole mysterious rock star thing nailed down. No real gimmicks, just a smooth voice, fast fingers and genre bending sound. He’s played with a growing number of musicians ranging from the Rolling Stones to The Dream, opened for Outkast and made a mixtape with the likes of Big K.R.I.T & Talib Kweli, but his wheelhouse is the soulful blues sound best heard from on stage.

Gary Clark Jr Live is better representation of Gary Clark Jr. It’s got the full energy of his popular songs and adds a few classic blues covers. As his profile grows and his music is featured in TV promos and movies, I suppose you need a recorded version, but Clark thrives when stretching out his songs into the 6-7 minute range with powerful solos. After you get lost in garage/blues rock guitar like “When My Train Pulls In” or “Numb,” the next song he’ll slow it down with an RnB jam like “Please Come Home” showing off his vocals and you’re left thinking to yourself, “well, damn, that’s not fair.”

Full Album Here via Spotify