The Growlers - Chinese Fountains

By Ian Bremner

As front man, Brooks Nielsen preaches in the 5th track, Good Advice, “there’s nothing as depressing as good advice, nobody wants to hear how to live their life,” the only good advice I can confidently provide in the least depressing way possible, is to listen to The Growlers recently released album, Chinese Fountains. The self-diagnosed “Beach Goth” rockers from Costa Mesa come strong on their 5th album with their own twist of 70’s surf-psyche vibes but they also introduce some serious funk on the title track, Chinese Fountains

The Growlers seem like regular dudes who come together to make some kickass songs about getting some things off their chest. The theme ranges from thwarted lovers, unanswered wishes, dumb kids with computers in their pockets, standing up against the bully known as “worry” and dealing with society when the Going Gets Tough. There’s something for all of us regular dudes and lady dudes to relate to Chinese Fountains.

From the Hung at Heart album, One Million Lovers official video

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