justin-townes-earle-absent-fathersWhen Justin Townes Earle last came through Seattle, I took my dad, who thought he was seeing Shooter Jennings up until I handed him the ticket to walk into the theater. Somewhat ironically, he was the one who introduced me to Justin Townes Earle several years ago, albeit unintentionally and still unaware of the fact, when he was on a Steve Earle kick. He has since switched allegiances, but ultimately as my musical tastes expanded, I was led to the younger Earle. About half way through the set, Justin played Mama’s Eyes followed by the title track to his recently released album, Single Mothers. My dad leaned over and said, “this must be the ‘I hate my dad’ part of the set.” I was reminded of this as it was announced a follow-up/sequel to Justin Townes Earle’s Single Mothers album is due to the shelves/internet waves January 13, titled Absent Fathers

Track Listing:

1. “Farther From Me”
2. “Why”
3. “Least I Got the Blues”
4. “Call Ya Momma”
5. “Day and Night”
6. “Round the Bend”
7. “When the Only One You Love Loses Faith”
8. “Slow Monday”
9. “Someone Will Pay”
10. “Looking for a Place To Land”

Cover Nature: Justin Townes Earle Covers Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Absent Fathers Full album via Spotify