image001Having recently read Neil Young’s memoir, Waging Heavy Peace: A Hippie Dream, the book launched me into a black hole of interviews and documentaries about Neil and I haven’t listened to his albums the same way since. Some of which needed familiarizing but after the re-introductions, you understand why each album is so different. Each album has a different motive. A snapshot in time. Even the biggest Neil fans don’t know what the hell he’s thinking with some of the music and he’s perfectly fine with that. Through each incarnation of Neil Young, there is a man possessed by the music and his influence spreads beyond the depths as we know them. His mind wanders and people come and go, but he’s had a lasting effect on some of the best musicians alive today, who will no doubt leave impressions for future generations. Neil’s work has touched icons such as Radiohead, Johnny Cash and Pearl Jam, current songwriters in their prime like Jason Isbell and John McCauley, golden songbirds like Norah Jones and the calmest wildman on guitar, J Mascis. There sure as hell are more than 7 worthy covers, but these artist/song combos

Neil Young releases Storytone Tuesday, November 4th. The 35th studio album of his career is comprised of a full orchestra and thus significantly more hi-fi than his first album of 2014 A Letter Home, which was a compilation of cover songs made in Jack White’s Third Man Studios by a refurbished voice-g-graph vinyl recorder. Again, Neil shows no regard to boundaries or sitting still.

Pearl Jam – Harvest Moon

John McCauley – Out On The Weekend

Jason Isbell & Shonna Tucker – Ohio

J Mascis- Cortez The killer

Norah Jones – Tell Me Why

Radiohead – On The Beach

Johnny Cash – Heart Of Gold