By Ian Bremner

The hiatus is over. Florence & The Machine announce new album set to release June 2 titled, How Big How Blue How Beautiful. The name alone perhaps signifies a change in theme from the “death and water” vibe of Ceremonials. 

Florence Welch can sing whatever the hell she wants, and it’s going to sound majestic. The first single, What Kind Of Man, provides a bit more power drums and rock n roll, but equally as angelic as any of her string and piano ballads

What Kind Of Man Official Video


How Big How Blue How Beautiful Out June 2

Track Listing:
1. “Ship To Wreck”
2. “What Kind Of Man”
3. “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful”
4. “Queen Of Peace”
5. “Various Storms & Saints”
6. “Delilah”
7. “Long & Lost”
8. “Caught”
9. “Third Eye”
10. “St Jude”
11. “Mother”