By Elena Winters

Band: Foals

From: Oxford, England

Sounds Like: The Foals sound like the Foals, straight up. They have a unique sound that can only be described as… them. Heavy drums/ fluid guitar/ dreamy keyboard/ solid bass and with Yannis Philippakis on vocals?…game ovaa!  These guys have a sound that easily stands out in any lineup.

Recent Music Dropped: What Went Down, the first single off their Fourth record dropping August 28th.  This record comes two years after the epic Holy Fire record, from my personal top 10 list in 2013.

Upcoming Shows: No US tour dates locked yet.  Prepare for guitar shredding and crowd surfing…enough said.

The Full album comes out Aug 28th on Warner Music.

1. What Went Down
2. Mountain at My Gates
3. Birch Tree
4. Give It All
5. Albatross
6. Snake Oil
7. Night Swimmers
8. London Thunder
9. Lonely Hunter
10. A Knife in the Ocean

Watch Official video for What Went Down