By Ian Bremner

In no way is Kurt Vile glorifying mundane activities such as brushing your teeth or going to the store for a bag of chips, but something about the way he goes about his business is just sometimes intriguing. The Philadelphia guitar wizard released his first single, Pretty Pimpin, off his upcoming record b’lieve i’m goin down, due out September 25, on Matador Records.5f30eab1[1]

If the sound and video for Pretty Pimpin is indicative of the overall vibe of b’lieve i’m goin’ down, it seems Vile has momentarily cleared himself of the haze and has stepped into a retrospective mood. The song has Vile waking up, not recognizing himself in the mirror, combing and brushing this strangers hair and teeth and staring at this clown blocking the bathroom sink. Ultimately, he realizes it is indeed himself and he’s feeling Pretty Pimpin’

Official Video for Pretty Pimpin

Pretty Pimpin via spotify