By Ian Bremner

It would probably be fair to be caught off guard when asked, “have you heard Vanessa Carlton‘s new EP yet?”

New, married-with-daughter, Vanessa Carlton may as well be another identity all together. She has stayed busy traveling to London to New York and Nashville writing songs, making cameos at husband John McCauley’s Deer Tick shows, sprinkling shows of her own and now, releasing a 4-song EP titled, Blue Pool.

Though she is undoubtedly most known for 2002’s monster hit, “Thousand Miles,” Carlton has slowly been putting out piano-driven, dreamy indie-pop over the last several years and has captured a new sound far different than the pre-viral, viral songs that launched her to pop star status. Blue Pool is pretty, easy listening music, but with a harder new edge.

Blue Pool

Listen to Blue Pool EP in full via youtube or Spotify

The official video for Blue Pool premiered on Southern Living Magazine