By Ian Bremner

Rayland Baxter is one of those old school dudes who doesn’t make a scene, but rather just goes about his business. His business happens to be a damn good song maker.

You could call Baxter’s new album, Imaginary Man, southern rock, but it would only be “southern” because he is from Nashville with a slight twang. You could call it “pop” but it’s much heavier than that. You could say “folk” because of Baxter’s smooth and descriptive songwriting skills. You could say “soul” because it’s got a groove to get even the bad dancers out of their chairs.

The best thing to call it would be some goddamn good ol’ rock ‘n roll and just keep pressing play.

Mr. Rodriguez

Bad Things

Dreamin’ (from 2012)

Listen to Imaginary Man in full via spotify