By Ian Bremner

Gary Clark Jr. is no guitar hero. Well, he is, but he also wants to let you know that he’s a groovy RnB singer too, as he proves on Star. Oh, and he’ll also throw in a few folky, gospel songs like Church in there for the hell of it. His new album, The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim is an homage to his Austin, Texas hometown and alllllll the influences along the way, including the aforementioned Rnb, folk, blues and yes, hip hop. It’s basically a musical Twister mat. Not to worry, there’s plenty of guitar in there to boot. Although it may seem all over the place (he’s been described as musically schizophrenic), the album flows nicely and is truly for “music fans,” not necessarily just the blues guitar fans who fawn over Gary Clark Jr.

Few musicians in history have accomplished what Gary Clark Jr. has in his careerlet alone what he was able to do with a “debut” album. Clark was no overnight sensation, however. He spent years practicing, playing shows around Austin, Texas and releasing EP’s before Warner Brothers Records got to him and released the actual “debut,” Blak and Blu.

Gary Clark Jr. has played with BB King, Rolling Stones. Fans of his include Alicia Keys, Jay-Z and President Barack Obama. He has toured the world several times over and released a beautiful live album, aptly named Gary Clark Jr. Live.

The album has been rolled out in a series of singles starting with The Healer and Grinder. Since then, Star, Church, Hold On. The album can be streamed below.



Listen to The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim in full