By Ian Bremner

When Sturgill Simpson covers a song, he covers the HELL out of it. His first album High Top Mountain closed out with a Willie Nelson song, I’d Have To Be Crazy and his Metamodern Sounds album featured a ballad version of 80’s pop band When In Rome’s, The Promise. Both songs were standouts on respectively incredible albums. Whether it’s 80s pop, classic country, soul or bluegrass like Medicine Springs, Sturgill knows no bounds.

For a man with a buttery smooth voice like Sturgill, southern soul songs seem prime for the Simpson makeover. At a recent show in Asheville, North Carolina, Simpson gave the guitar a break and decided to go vocally nuts instead. For the record, Simpson signed with Atlantic Records earlier this year, which yes, features Wiz Khalifa, Skrillex and Flo Rida, but it’s also an incredibly diverse label historically known for Ray Charles, Albert King, Rolling Stones and Wilson Pickett. His next album remains a mystery as far as a release date, and style, but it’s safe to say this may not be the only taste of soulful Sturgill.

Normally, fan made concert videos are terrible, but sometimes those people in front “filming” the whole show can capture magic afterall. It’s been making the rounds on the internet and for good reason.

You Don’t Miss Your Water

You Don’t Miss Your Water (Original OTIS REDDING version)