By Ian Bremner

As Sturgill Simpson was touring the world back and forth 2 and 3 times over the last couple years, new fans were racking up at nearly the same rate. People who hate country music were even like, “well yeah, I like Sturgill.”

Dave Cobb who has worked with Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell and other highly respected “country” artists, produced Sturgill’s Metamodern Sounds In Country Music album in Nashville. It was a psychedelic dream with lyrics and guitar licks to match.

Of course, as more fans line up, the more demands do as well. People have been clamoring for more Sturgill, and “what’s next?” Apparently, an album is already complete and he’s just waiting for the proper time to drop it because he knows the non-stop touring and press cycle will just start up again, only this time, even more demanding due to his larger notoriety.

Earlier this year, Simpson signed with Atlantic Records, a label historically known for its soul flavor with artists like Ray Charles, Albert King and Wilson Pickett. Though Sturgill’s affinity for soul music is highly known and his voice is as buttery as can be, the direction and sound for his new album is unknown. When he was in a band called Sunday Valley, he was lead guitar ripping electric solos. In his current incarnation, Estonian wonder Laur Joamets takes the reigns, but in the  theme song for the new HBO 70’s rock n roll show, Vinyl, Sturgill was casted with the theme song and he picked the electric back up.

The show premieres 2/14 and the theme song, Sugar Daddy, features that epic Sturgill Simpson voice with a loud, rock n roll guitar played by Simpson sounding more like Gary Clark Jr. or Stevie Ray Vaughn. No telling if this will be on the album or not, but it’s a nice treat in the meantime.

Sugar Daddy