By Ian Bremner

When most people think of a “Side Pony,” they probably think of a crazy 80’s dance party OR a girl trying to be silly. When Lake Street Dive came up with the song, Side Pony, it may have started out as a metaphor for the slightly goofy way they present themselves and loose way they interact with each other, but it quickly became an overlying theme for the band’s new record.

Rachel Price commands the stage as lead singer with her flawless delivery and attitude, but what makes Lake Street Dive unique is the three backing band members who write the songs. Two males and two females making up the band give for lots of different perspectives, and Price manages to fuel them all with her God-given voice.

For the debut on Nonesuch Records, they wanted to stay true to themselves and push the boundaries at the same time. The result is a fun, pop-pier version of the soulful folk music they have built with serious steam behind them, like the first single, Call Off Your Dogs. The classic stripped down jazz from their earlier sounds still sees the light, however. Mistakes is a slow, reflective song with the trumpet and Bridget Kearney’s stand-up bass coming to the forefront.

The full album is out today

Side Pony

Call Off Your Dogs live on the Late Show with Steven Colbert

I Don’t Care About You