By Ian Bremner

Har Mar Superstar is ready for the Best Summer Ever. Not only is this the name of his new album out April 8th on Cult Records, but the first single, Youth Without Love is a breezy, electro-pop jam best ingested with a dose of vitamin D.

Born Sean Tillman, Har Mar Superstar is somewhat of an enigma. He often performs in his underwear and treats his gigs like a kid living out his live karaoke dream. His work, however is truly great. He has experimented with electronic pop, RnB, classic soul music and if his songs were performed by say, Justin Timberlake, they would be radio gold.

Har Mar seems to prefer his indie cred with splashes of Hollywood. You may recognize him as the acappella star in Pitch Perfect, in his own Prisoner video staring Juliette Lewis, or most recently as Oy-Bomb in the new Broad City.

Bye Bye 17, which was release in 2013, is criminally overlooked as a phenomenal soul record. The new Youth Without Love single has more electronic synths than brass instruments, but the Best Summer Ever should arrive just in time for the globe to heat back up for summer.

Youth Without Love

Prisoner from Bye Bye 17 album

Lady, You Shot Me

Pitch Perfect