By Ian Bremner

Los Angeles band Warpaint has a new record called Heads Up coming out September 23rd on Rough Trade Records. Their first new song since 2013 is out now and it’s aptly titled, New Song, and its rules.

New Song is undeniable pop rock gold. Where 2013’s self-titled album was moody, introspective rock n roll, Heads Up has the sounds of jumpier, head-bobbing party music. People who love Warpaint may be surprised by the production and direction of the group, but when it sounds this good, you just gotta roll with it.

Warpaint will be on a world tour, including a Seattle stop September 19th.

Listen to New Song

1. Whiteout
2. By Your Side
3. New Song
4. The Stall
5. So Good
6. Don’t Wanna
7. Don’t Let Go
8. Dre
9. Heads Up”
10. Above Control
11. Today Dear