By Ian Bremner

After calling it quits more than 3 years ago, Fruit Bats leadman, Eric Johnson released an album as EDJ and toured sporadically, but for the most part, kept it pretty low profile. No real announcement or reason was given for a “Fruit Bats” return, but no reason is really needed.

Absolute Loser is a beautiful album that came out with relatively low hype for a typical “reunion album,” but it certainly did not go unnoticed for fans of Johnson and/or Fruit Bats. Perhaps, that is because it’s not so much of a “reunion,” as the only original band member being Johnson himself.

The album in some ways, picks up where 2011’s Tripper, but in other ways takes a cleaner, more soft-rock approach. There are dusty banjos (but not too much banjo), barroom piano and songwriter folk tunes.

Listen Absolute Loser and its corresponding visuals.

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Humbug Mountain Song (Official Video)

Absolute Loser (Lyric Video)