By Ian Bremner

Dawes is and always will be a live band. Their first four albums were filled with California harmonies and sweeping guitar solos that take on new energies when played in a live setting. Their most recent record, We’re All Gonna Die, is more of a studio record with some new tricks and sounds not often associated with Dawes and a small section of fans were shaken up by it. “But… but, how will these songs sound live?!”

With a change in the band’s lineup, a new album with a fairly drastic new direction in sound, Dawes set out on the road on a tour billed as, “An Evening With Dawes.” No opener, just 2 full sets of Dawes, new and old song alike. As perhaps a Valentine’s Day surprise, they have released a full live album recorded and mastered from the first four shows of the tour. We’re All Gonna Live is a fun play off the new record title. Above all, Dawes fans who have not caught them live yet, have their answer. The new tunes are spread out throughout the set and sound juuuuuust fine. Now, along with of of the guitars, there is heavy piano and bass presence. Front man Taylor Goldsmith has always been the driving force behind the band, but now he takes on even more of a bandleader role.

If you are new to Dawes, We’re All Gonna Live is a great place to start diving into their catalogue. If you’re a lifelong fan of Dawes, it’s an appetite-quenching, fantastic representation of what Dawes was, is and will be.

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Official Video for Roll With The Punches