By Ian Bremner

Surprise music drops are appreciable because you can hear things without the preconceived adjectives already subconsciously attached to the release from the promotional rollout and hype machine. Of course, you have to have some fairly large stature to be able to do it because if no one knows you, you’re not going to surprise anyone. Margo Price has worked her tail off and has worked her way into the realm where when she drops a new tune, or in this case a 4-song EP, people are going to listen with much eagerness.

This morning, country singer and Nashville asskicker, Margo Price released her Weakness EP. It is the 2nd official release on Third Man Records and first since the phenomenal debut, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter. Weakness also comes with a promise of more new material in the near future.

Weakness is a beautiful 4 song collection. The title track opens up with a full blown country-rock, jaunty cut that really relives what Margo Price sounds like live. The 6 and a half minute Paper Cowboy is where Price lets her band shine like they do in concert. It is a cover song, but Price and company give it a life of their own as it has been a staple in their live show over the last year or two. Just Like Love is quite possibly the biggest standout. It’s a slow, windy track with a darker tone than usual for Margo Price. The EP closes with Good Luck (For Ben Eyestone) which was written in tribute for their fellow Nashville friend Ben Eyestone who recently passed away from cancer. It is an achingly sweet tune that encapsulates a heartfelt loss that many people deal with.

Weakness EP is more than a simple surprise. It is a highly enjoyable 15+ minutes and perhaps a glimpse into what’s to come from Price and company. Take a listen.

Listen to Weakness in full via spotify

Weakness will be available as two 2-song 45’s on