By Ian Bremner

If you can make it though the full minute of electric static that opens the record, you are in for something special. The high-pitched screech is almost a signal for what’s to come. As it winds down, a throbbing piano begins as the opening of Plum, the song, and Cory Hanson’s vocals take the forefront. From there, a slew of guitars get added on rounding out the full sound of Plum, the record.

It only becomes continuously more expansive. Track 2, Bee Karma, explodes into the loud garage-y guitar Wand is known for. Where Plum differs from Wand’s back catalog is it’s expansive attention to detail and willingness to go everywhere. The addition of Robbie Cody (guitars), and Sofia Arreguin (keyboards & vocals) are apparent throughout and much more than simply new names in the liner notes. Tracks like The Trap showcase how smooth and pretty Wand can sound like when they try to, and yet fits in perfectly with the flow of the record. Track 8, Ginger, flirts with a bit of shoegaze as well, with soft guitar intricacy.

Wand, Cory Hanson’s brainchild, lands on nearly ever part of the spectrum. Pretty 70’s styled pop, dirty garage rock, and loud, spastic rock n roll, much like his days collaborating with fellow LA rocker Ty Segall. All of these sounds mold into Plum itself.

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