By John-Paul Shiver

Vanese Smith, who produces under the moniker of Pursuit Grooves, assembles intoxicating mid-tempo soundscapes that fuse bass-heavy textures to mechanical noises on her current release Felt Armour. Using the language of dub and cross-pollinating it with trip-hop esthetics, Pursuit Grooves accomplishes a modernist… Industrial soul vibe. It manifests itself gallantly in the opening bars of No Surrender. A pensive, clicking inner gadgetry runs its routes while dubby bass lines and revolving synths procure an unfamiliar yet enticing audioverse.

In contrast, the moody Hide and Slick, showcases this Toronto-based producers penchant for lining up sampled field recordings.  This time the clicking of guns and heavy breathing of humans, into a systematic uniform gait.  It’s a dystopian construct that would make John Carpenter proud. Now you can call this pioneering release avant-garde. Peculiar. Or just damn fresh. It makes no difference. Upon repeated listens, giving the ear the opportunity to become familiar with the vernacular Smith is communicating with.  Felt Armour moves among the genres with ease to become that sneaky great hang.

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