Who is down for the ol fashioned, modern indie supergroup, Boygenius? All of us who are Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker fans, certainly. Exciting times!

The three women are all at similar stages in their budding careers, and seemingly in their personal lives as well. Though very uniquely talented, they each share the same heartfelt, introspective songwriting tendencies.

Bridgers, Dacus and Baker are going out on tour that was naturally going to be one of the biggest indie songwriter tours in recent memory, so they thought it would be a neat idea to record a 7″ for the tour. The sessions went so well, they ended up with a full 6-track self-titled EP called Boygenius.

Listen to the three new songs from Boygenius. The EP is out November 6th on Matador records. See tour dates below.