Old Rookie is an entertainment website covering issues of cultural importance. Not important in the sense that anything here will cure the world of infection, but important as in, people DO matter and original art IS still being made, and NO, music is not dead. Inspiring and impressive work is happening around us all the time.

@_oldrookie and oldrookie.com will never tell you HOW to feel towards a record or an artist. It WILL try to set a vibe for you to enjoy it. You may, or you may not. The purpose is to shed light on what deserves it. If something sucks, time won’t be spent on it. Not even the time to point out how much it sucks, because for every think-piece on Taylor Swift’s cultural appropriations, there is a new album that deserves to be appreciated.

New and Classic Music with No genre bounds. Reviews, Photos, Shows, Events.ss3507959_-_photograph_of_dennis_quaid_as_jimmy_morris_from_the_rookie_available_in_4_sizes_framed_or_unframed_buy_now_at_starstills__30082__41575.1404459389.475.659

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