It’s a wild frontier with nerdy pioneers. It’s a spotlight on the inner canals of society. It can be a dark place. Narcissism, racism.. a lot of ‘cisms exist. It is the internet. It can be an over-fertilized shitfarm in desperate need of a backhoe. This website is an attempt to weed past the snakes and propaganda of mainstream “news” and to bring you things that may deserve your attention.

Old Rookie is an entertainment website covering issues of cultural importance. Not important in the sense that anything here will cure the world of infection, but important as in, people DO matter and original art IS still being made, and NO, music is not dead. Inspiring and impressive work is happening around us all the time.

The purpose is to shed light on only the deserving. If something sucks, time won’t be spent on it. Not even the time to point out how much it sucks, because that’s essentially hate-tweeting at @pitbull or proclaiming Peyton Manning is old. That shit is played out.

New and Classic Music with No genre bounds. Reviews, Photos, Shows, Events, and the continuous search for Art with:

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 Founded in 2014. Any concerned parties who do not want to be included on this site, please contact to have content removed.

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