By Ian Bremner

Historically, Seattle is known as a rock ‘n roll city. In recent years folk and hip hop have somewhat changed the musical landscape of the Seattle, but guitar/drum duo, The Grizzled Mighty demand to be heard. Literally, you can’t NOT hear them. They are loud and proud, greasy blues rock ‘n roll.

Most of their new album, Closed Knuckle Jaw, is in-your-face guitar licks over thumping drums, but its not just noise. There is a lot of skill and production value. Singer/Guitarist, Ryan Granger and drummer, Lupe Flores hook you right from the beginning with the roaring lead single, Chantael. From there, they hit you hard with tracks like Miles Of Cocaine, Well Run Dry, Fukushima and Long Way Home. In it’s essence, it’s a pure rock record, but no two songs are the same.

No matter the genre, Seattle’s music scene is overly supportive of each other. Rockers, rappers and soulsters from all the area’s bands can usually be seen at each other’s shows. Saturday, February 21st is the album release party at Neumos with support from Constant Lovers and Smokey Brights. 

Official video for Chantael (nsfw)

Stream the full album below, Closed Knuckle Jaw on Soundcloud or Spotify