wolf-alice-band[1]By Elena Winters

Band: Wolf Alice

From: North London

Sounds Like: Straight from the 90’s Seattle grunge scene, but different

Recent Music Dropped: First full-length album, My Love Is Cool, out today

Upcoming Show Schedule: Neumos Seattle, August 12 – WORTH IT! (Full tour date list HERE)

These guys rock their dicks off. You’ll leave confused by the soft dreamlike voice of Ellie Roswell that can scream like a banshee with a little notice or build up, plus she’s a super babe.

My Love Is Cool, does not disappoint despite the massive build up from many, and easily earns top spots in 2015.

Song Highlights: Giant Peach – wait for the 3:55 mark.. just wait.. and then slow it down with the oldie but goodie, Blush. These two songs best show the versatility of this band.

Listen to My Love Is Cool via Spotify


Watch a live version of Giant Peach in the KEXP studios