By Ian Bremner

Though Leon Bridges has only been top of mind for a few months now, many fans have spun his album over and over and are probably ready for some fresh buttery soul. Bridges has been dropping a few hints online over the past few days, but today, 5 additional songs were released from his hit album, Coming Home Sessions. Coming Home is a smooth yet compact doo-wop RnB album that has seen Leon Bridges go from Ft. Worth restaurant dishwasher/open-mic frequenter to International soul sensation.

The 5 new releases were packaged as the “Deluxe” version of Coming Home. On vinyl, they came out on a 10″ called Louisiana Sun. A few of the songs have been heard, if only in Leon’s live sets, but now a proper release was given to them. The tracks follow in a similar, southern throwback RnB style. Seemingly, any of these songs could have made the album originally, as they are short, 2 and a half minute burners that flow nicely with the rest of Leon Bridges’ debut record.

The full album can be heard on Spotify, but below is the Louisana Sun/Coming Home Deluxe

Official Video for River

Coming Home in full