By Ian Bremner

Sometimes, you hear a voice that stuns you back a few steps. The Irish 21-year old who now lives in Brighton, England, Holly Macve possesses one of these violently captivating voices. When speaking, she sounds as Irish as it gets. Singing, no accent can be found layered into to the sultry country-tinged heartbreak tunes.

Macve’s debut record, Golden Eagle is out on Bella Union. Her voice is at the forefront of the entire 46 minute album, but the soothing nature of it should not overshadow the lyrical themes of it. People will claim “age is just a number,” but that’s usually just a common trope used to justify being surprised by someone’s actions. That said, it’s certainly hard not be impressed by Holly Macve’s assuredness and wisdom throughout.

She grew up on classic American music and it certainly has bled into her sound, but the aching piano and slow, airy spaces allow it to feel very modern and fresh. Macve seems to know her voice can carry her singing damn near anything, but she never relies on it alone. Tunes like No On Has The Answers and Heartbreak Blues 

Watch the stunningly beautiful videos and listen to Golden Eagle in full below

No One Has The Answers

In The Corner Of My Mind

Golden Eagle