By Ian Bremner

There’s a serenity in Cassandra Jenkins’ voice that provides the ability to get lost in the meaning of her songs. The opening track to her new LP, Play Till You Win is about trying your hand at a candy crane often found at carnivals and sort of the silly consumerism of it all. The lyrics and messaging is right out in front of you but the warmth of Jenkins’ delivery, it’s almost hard to tell that’s truly the case.

If the late 60’s/early 70’s search for Cosmic American music was a never ending escapade, Cassandra Jenkins may be trying to revive it. Songs like Tennessee Waltz and Jan Lee Jasen, among others, feature a country-tinged steel guitar giving the entire a record a western vintage backdrop to her glamorous vocals and other dreamy-pop sonic soundscapes.

Jenkins has played and toured playing bass in Eleanor Friendberger’s band and quietly putting out music for several years. Play Till You Win is an aching journey of travel, introspection and solitude.

Old Rookie is helping present Cassandra Jenkins at Seattle’s Central Saloon in Pioneer Square May 19th.

Listen to Play Till You Win in full