CAPYAC is a en electro-funk group from Austin, Texas coming to play Seattle for the first time at Central Saloon. They will be joined by Seattle group, Biddadat and rising Seattle hip hopper, Kazadi on June 3rd for a funky party in Pioneer Square.

TICKETS: http://www.strangertickets.com/events/44468461/capyac

Central Saloon. June 3. 8 PM. With Biddadat & Kazadi

Building on the buzz of their 2015 EP, Movement Swollows Us, Capyac went back into their Austin, TX beat lab (actually it was a barn in North Carolina) to cook up more of the funk that caught our ear in the first place.

Delwin Campbell and Eric Peana, the duo behind Capyac, strive to create a full-bodied musical experience for their audience, regularly turning their gigs into full blown parties that leave a lasting impression on those in attendance. Capyac has played at traditional venues around the greater Austin area (SXSW included) but during the upcoming West Coast Tour, there’s no telling where or when you might find yourself immersed in the Capyac experience.

Poster art by Austin Blair (@abstee.z)