Photo by Jake Hanson (@trulybogus)

By Ian Bremner

Two of indie rock’s most beloved songwriters came to town as the the newly incarnated super-duo, Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile. They rolled into Seattle boasting two sold out shows a new album of collective tunes, Lotta Sea LiceThis was no ordinary double-bill. Both Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile could sell out the Showbox in their own right on any given night, and their seemingly perfect pairing was just that, perfect.

Wry songwriters and hard rockers alike, at the the heart of it, they are simply good friends who like to play music together. The chemistry between them on stage is unquestionable. Courtney and Kurt shared vocal duties whether it was playing cuts from Sea Lice or their own solo tunes, with Kurt Vile taking the lead on most of the guitar solos. Barnett’s songs, like Deprestion and Avant Gardner were aided by the Vile-fueled punch and Kurt’s songs took on new styles with Courtney trading verses. Her Australian accent further fostered the vibe of Kurt’s chilled out tunes like On Tour and Pretty Pimpin.

An album already garnering much acclaim, the live show proved these two aren’t playing around, even if they are… just playin’ around.

All photos by Jake Hanson (@trulybogus)

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