Photo by Antoine Fougere

By Ian Bremner

The word “mature” is so not rock n roll. It would hardly be seen as a compliment for any young rock n roll trio. Let’s just say the years of playing their asses off all around the country have served the band well. Seattle’s Naked Giants have been the sweethearts of the city in recent years, but their debut record, SLUFF, may open that up to full blown rock n roll fame.

Having played nearly every local festival, opening gig, showcase and touring with the ever popular Car Seat Headrest, the Naked Giants already have a lot of steam behind their fan base. SLUFF is equal parts loud and spastic as it measured and highly listenable. It’s youthful energy is bursting from each song, yet there’s and underlying feeling like, “these guys have been doing this forever.”

Produced in Seattle by Steve Fisk at Avast! and Soundhouse studios, Gianni Aniello, Grant Mullen and Henry Lavellee manage to fully encapsulate the energy of their live shows on record, but also very clearly care about the songs and quality of music. It’s an incredible amount of sound and flavor for just 3 young men.

Fresh from tour (like always) Naked Giants packed out Seattle’s Chop Suey for a hometown release show. Opening was another incredible Seattle band, sure to receive mass future acclaim in their own righ was Black Tones. Antoine Fougere was on hand for photos.

All photos by Antoine Fougere. Check out his instagram HERE:

Black Tones

Naked Giants

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