By Ian Bremner

Genre pay no mind. Like most of the really great artists in this modern era, trying to pin down exactly what they are doing using recycled terminology is not only a waste of time, but a waste of words. What do funk, jazz, electronica and Rnb have in common? They are alllll Sudan Archives. Brittany Perks aka Sudan Archives, the Ohio-raised violinist uses her instrument of choice to create all sorts of noise not often associated with the “fiddle.”

Sink, the new record builds on the trippy, beat-centric melodies of her 2017 self-titled EP, but exudes more even confidence. From the cover art to the lyrics, Sudan Archives is ready to show you who SHE is, which is someone entirely in her own lane.

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Watch video for Nont For Sale

Watch performances of tunes from her Sudan Archives EP