Caroline Rose in Seattle at the Sunset Tavern. Photo by Jake Hanson

By Ian Bremner

Insert any “buzy term” here or call her a “star in the making” if you want to, but Caroline Rose is thriving and doing it all on her own terms. Riding the wave of her phenomenal new-ish record, Loner, Rose brought her “A-Material” to Seattle in more ways than one.

For one, her band has the best stage set up bar-none. Whether it’s a stuffed black cat, or large piñata of Elmo, the entire stage feels like she invited the crowd into her living room. To match her daily fashion style, the instruments, speakers and microphones are all draped in the color red including fake roses spread throughout.

Secondly, between songs, Rose’s banter borders on intentionally awkward and straight up cry-laugh comedy only adding to the living-room vibes. Music and comedy, you can’t help but have a stupid smile on your face the whole show.

Lastly, Caroline Rose’s songs are absolutely infectious. They’re modern day pop gems with 90’s Girl Power energy. They’re satirical and goofy, yet totally sincere and relatable.

We’re big fans. Go see her on tour.

All photos by Jake Hanson (@Trulybogus)

Cardioid at Seattle’s Sunset Tavern June 12, 2018

Caroline Rose at Seattle’s Sunset Tavern June 12, 2018