Sunflower Bean. Photo By Rachel Bennett

By Rachel Bennett

Brooklyn-based band Sunflower Bean played at The Crocodile last Thursday night, with opening performances from Seattle’s very own Smokey Brights, and the badass Paranoyds from L.A.

The show was full, but not packed shoulder-to-shoulder. It felt like the calm before a storm, the storm being the momentum and growth of this group of talented musicians. The band members, Julia Cumming on bass and vocals, Nick Kivlen on guitar and vocals, and Jacob Faber on drums, are only 22 years old, but they hold themselves like musicians who have been touring and owning the stage for years; it feels as if they should be playing in a huge venue with blinding lights and people packed deep into the corners. They have a mature, cool, but not pretentious presence that charms the crowd.

Their music is easy listening rock-and-roll, but they definitely delve into real topics through some of their songs; in Crisis Fest off their latest release Twenty Two in Blue, Cumming sings “If you hold us back you know that we can shout / we brought you into this place you know we can take you out” seemingly in a reference to Trump.

During Sunflower Bean’s performance of this song, Cumming asked the crowd to sing/shout along to the chorus; this stirred a beautiful energy in the room, creating a sense of community. The band’s ability to engage with the crowd in this way is a promising sign for them as performing artists, and a beacon of hope that young creatives will continue to speak out and use their stardom as a platform for empathetic connection and social change.

All Photos by Rachel Bennett (@rbennettphotography)

Crocodile. Seattle, WA. 6.20.18

Smokey Brights

The Paranoyds

Sunflower Bean