By Ian Bremner

If you go to a My Morning Jacket show, you will hear psychedelia, folk, metal, electronica, rnb, some rock n roll and maybe a pop cover or two. You could call the group experimental if you wish. Though Jim James is the driving force behind the band, his solo work has been his chance to step back and experiment even further.

If you are a Jim James fan, each new release is anticipated for more than simply the music. Part of the fun is guessing what type of music it’s going to be. His first solo record, Regions Of Light and Sounds of God was an electronic, airy affair that differed mightily from his work with the band. Several years later, some of those songs have worked their way into MMJ sets, but at the time, it signaled a new vibe for James. His second record, Eternally Even, which was released in 2016 was a smooth, yet soulful and somber effort with politics and unrest at the forefront.

Fresh off another batch of cover songs in Tribute to 2, Jim James has released another record titled Uniform Distortion. The lead single, Just A Fool is a grainy, 80s guitar lick that sounds like a George Harrison song, which yet again could signal another new twist to the Jim James catalog.

A lot has been made already about the lo-fi recording and literal laughing on multiple tracks, like the 2nd track, You Get To Rome. Despite the heavy topics on Uniform Distortion, it’s clear that Jim James is having fun creating. The new record has a ton of grit, and perhaps taking from it’s namesake, a lot of distortion.

It’s almost as if Jim James got tired of tweaking songs trying different studio tricks and just decided to form a power trio and have some fun. Uniform Distortion is not exactly easy listening. It’s loud and powerful, and yet lighthearted in a sense.

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Just A Fool


No Secrets