By Ian Bremner

Whether you’ve spent your summer to this point on the road camping, or sweating through your tuxedos at friendly weddings, or testing out your terrible Darth Vader impressions speaking nonsense into portable fans to attempt to stay cool from the punishable heat, hopefully you are listening to Michael Nau’s new record, Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread.

As the man behind the moniker Cotton Jones, Nau has “gone solo” over the last couple of years. By writing and performing under his own name, it’s allowed him experiment with new directions. The result to this point in time, has been consistently catchy and easy listening tunes with a honey-dripped vocal efforts from Michael Nau himself, a perfect backdrop for those warm summer nights.

The Mighty Thread has been Nau’s touring band but during the recording of the album, it became more than it’s namesake. The sessions in Burlington, Vermont saw the band recording every song together and creating something entirely unique to Nau’s expansive catalog. So much so, it became a self–titled effort and even a permanent change in the way the group is billed on tour, Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread.

From the lead track, Less Than Positive, The Mighty Thread draws your ear in many ways. Whether its the guiding psychedelic guitar on No Faraway Star, or the soulful Funny In Real Life, there is truly a sense for everyone on the record. Few records SOUND like the outside elements FEEL. As the summer speeds on in front of us and the seasonal shifts of fall near closer, Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread truly can help guide us through the warm and windy elements.

Michael Nau may be “less than positive,” but we’re not. We’re very positive there won’t be a better record to close out this summer season than this one.

Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread is out now on Suicide Squeeze Records. Buy the record HERE

Listen to Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread via spotify