Molly Burch - First Flower

By Ian Bremner

For an artist described mostly as a sweet, smoky vocalist, Molly Burch’s 2nd record, First Flower is bursting with a confidence unseen on her first (but equally excellent), Please Be Mine. There are similarities, for certain, like the cross sections of jazz and rock n roll. Her classical training is apparent, but on this new album, she lets her differing vocal personalities bleed through as she feels necessary, adding a certain charm to each song.

First Flower was conceived outside her home base of Austin, Texas. It covers topics of highly personal inner thinkings, but it never broods. It’s life’s simple problems underneath the surface that are the real issues at heart here; wishing she was a wilder soul, giving up on her tendency to lay low behind the scenes, or the fact that just because she doesn’t yell doesn’t mean she’s not the boss. She is.

Burch’s very specific singing ability allows her to sound longing, but in actuality, she is totally in charge. On the title track, she says rather bluntly, “I like the way you hold me // hold me don’t let go // you don’t have to tell me // I already know // you are my man.”

At the core of First Flower, Molly Burch’s words are the heartbeat. She uses her delivery and vocal styling for context to make her point. Her breathy changes of pace throughout keep your attention like you’re chatting with a friend. Her songs songs are conversational, with both questions and answers. She’s knows her style, and as she says in her own words, “I don’t need to scream to get my point across.”

First Flower is out now on Captured Tracks

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