Steve Gunn - The Unseen In Between

By Ian Bremner

Steve Gunn‘s music could belong in any of the last four decades. His particular brand of guitar-driven rock n roll music has earned the attention of folk and indie ears over the last several years. His public profile has risen upon joining Matador Records in 2016, further entrenching his flag in the music world by continuing to raise the bar for himself with each new release. Even down to the record cover, a guitar playing vagabond with Bob Dylan-esque Ray Bans, Gunn gives off a truly timeless rocker vibe.

The new record, The Unseen In Between sounds like what you’d expect from Gunn, yet with a boost of confidence and resolute purpose. The folkier finger-picking tunes are placed perfectly between the windy electric solos. Tracks like Luciano and The New Familiar see Gunn stretching it longer and louder than before. His voice is assured as ever and blends beautifully with the softer tunes like Morning Is Mended and the album standout, Stonehurst Cowboy.

Before launching a solo career in his own right, Gunn spent years touring with Kurt Vile’s The Violators. You can hear some similarly spacey, building blocks of hooks and layers in his own work, but Gunn’s style is based in more precision and song crafting. Where 2016’s excellent record Eyes On The Lines was a major step in becoming a bonafide singer/songwriter, The Unseen In Between is his complete arrival as such.

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