Nick Waterhouse - Nick Waterhouse

By Ian Bremner

Nick Waterhouse is California personified. He’s got cool, laid back style, but he takes his art seriously. Some may call him a throwback, but he is simply a record collector who pays proper respect to where it all comes from. His music plays like a soundtrack to a night out on the town or drive up the coast. It’s got an old tone that depicts stylish, sweaty dance parties not far from the shoreline.

Since his 2012 debut record, Time’s All Gone, Waterhouse has carried the flag for soulful surf rock. Each release has taken a step forward, mixing in a few new twists, but for the most part he sticks in the “forgotten 45 RPM single” wheelhouse. There is no reference for time when listening to a Nick Waterhouse record.

Everything is meticulous on Nick Waterhouse production, but the new self-titled record, Nick Waterhouse, is even more precise and even more thorough. The way it looks, the specific tone of the guitar, the certain horn arrangement, the way it feels, it’s all purposeful. Just as California sunshine is good for the soul, so is a collection of Nick Waterhouse tunes.

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