Daniel Norgran - Wooh Dang

*originally written for NoDepression.com

By Ian Bremner

Chicago, the Mississippi Delta, Southwest Sweden? One of these things is not like the other. Hailing from the rural Norwegian country, Daniel Norgren sings the blues of his own degree and own continent. Frankly, it’s a bit unfair to boil Norgren’s music down to one word, “blues,” it’s far more of a manifestation of his worldly surroundings. Like all good music, Norgren’s sounds like it could have been made in any part of the world at any given time, past, present of future.

Wooh Dang, Daniel Norgren’s 6th record feels different. It possesses all of the ingredients of his previous material, but there is a budding new energy within it. Certainly, some of that is the fact that it’s his first album to be globally distributed, which will undoubtedly bring him new listeners, but Wooh Dang sounds like a welcoming statement on its own terms.

The album opener, Blue Sky Moon, invokes all three of those words almost literally. Birds are chirping in the background as ambient whistles and droning noises pulse up until you can hear Norgren starting to warm up his voice with some light humming and guitar chords. You can start to make out the melody of tune when it fades out into the next track, The Flow. The 6 minutes of light piano, dusting drums, faint guitar, horns and little else is just one of the highlights.

There is a tangible soul to Norgren’s music that is not only rare to find, but impossible to insert on purpose. It’s just THERE. If Wooh Dang sounds like it was recorded in an old rustic farmhouse in the swedish woods, it’s because it was. Norgren and his friendly bandmates, Anders Grahn, Erik Berntsson and Andreas Filipsson took up stead in the rickety home and recorded the collection of songs all to tape, using the old German piano that had been left to whatever spirits still reside there.

Daniel Norgren plays to huge crowds in his native country and it seems that his number of fans in the states is growing exponentially after each live performance. Seemingly always the star of Pickathon and other festivals that lean towards music discovery, Norgren continues to “prove it” with Wooh Dang, whether it’s your intro his art or an anticipated new gift.

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Wooh Dang is out now on Superpuma Records