Holiday Sidewinder - Forever Or Whatever

Seven years in the making, Australian pop star Holiday Sidewinder has released her glorious debut record, Forever or Whatever. Yes, Holiday Sidewinder is her real name and she fully lives up to a naturally given name like that.

She’s spent years touring with Alex Cameron, both as his keyboard player and backup vocalist, but often times opening the show with a solo act of her own. Usually with nothing more than a headset microphone and a one-woman dance spectacle, her combination of humor, sexiness and 90’s glamour creates wonderfully provocative pop music that is becoming increasingly rare.

After slowly releasing singles like Casino and Leo, over the last year, the full record has been a long time coming Sidewinder. Most artists have bemoaned the need to sell merch to fund their artistic lifestyles, but Sidewinder took things a step forward by getting real creative. By selling her previously worn underwear on her website as a means of fundraising, she was able to put out this remarkably catchy pop record. Indie rock and pop fans are grateful for her forward thinking but mostly, for these 8 marvelous songs to her name.

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Watch video for Leo

Watch video for Tra$h Can Luv

Watch video for Casino