By Ian Bremner

A far cry from her “roots” but not at all a shock, Caroline Rose released a wonderfully straight up POP record, Superstar. After 2018’s incredibly blended pop rock masterpiece, LONER, moving toward the full-fledged pop star was probably inevitable. For Superstar, Rose created a “character,” but one with many parallels to her personal artistic career arc.

The self-made goof ball, Caroline Rose wrote and produced the entire new record. Though technically a concept album about an underdog pop star sincerely trying to make a name for herself, the moments Rose draws from real life experiences are easy to identify. Pre-Loner, Rose was relatively unknown, but she hit the road earning her stardom the old fashioned way; by touring her ass off and endearing herself to all crowds all along the way.

At the core of Superstar is an underlying desire for the rich and famous lifestyle, but all of Rose’s songs possess a slight twinkle in the eye. Wanting to achieve a certain level of fame, comes with a price. Is that price worth it? Most artists find out the answer after it’s far too late. Rose’s self-awareness allows her to analyze those thoughts in real time. Whether that affects her decisions or not, is a different story, but it’s a story she tells through her “superstar” character.

Underneath the Prince-like glitter and confidence, Rose lays it all out. Songs like Freak Like Me and Someone New venture far beyond the classic pop tropes. Amidst the glamour and satire, there are moments of true introspection and intimacy. Fans who have fallen for Rose will only get to know her more, which in turn, makes her all the more charming.

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Superstar is out now on New West Records

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