By Ian Bremner

Few artists radiate positivity the way Lilly Hiatt does. Either live on stage or from her home in Nashville, Hiatt usually has something nice to say. She is always the first to talk up someone on social media, whether a record label mate, her favorite bands or just friendly fans.

On her 4th record, Walking Proof, Hiatt continues to tell her story with incredible insight and personality. Nothing is really off limits for a good song. She’s not afraid to name drop her friends or her roommate or confess to eating candy for lunch. She’s the type of writer who can come up with an interesting story out of any daily occurrence or causal interaction. She chooses to see the good in people, which is an increasingly rare trait these days, and it shows in the qualities highlighted in her subjects.

Lilly Hiatt is walking proof you can do what you love and do it your own way. That’s not to say maddening obstacles won’t pop out of nowhere, (like releasing a record during a global pandemic and mandated quarantine), but Hiatt manages to brush them all off and look on the bright side.

Walking Proof is out on New West Records. Buy HERE:

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