People are spending more time inside and at home than ever before. As anxious as some folks are to return to “normal,” wasting this period of introspection and self-work would be a shame. Experimenting with style, reading new books, digging into old music, writing in a journal, art projects, working on your house are not only ways to pass the time, but also to make your house a home, as the saying goes.

On Jess Williamson‘s 4th record, Sorceress, she invites us all into her home. It’s a home filled with hope and smoke, introspection and magic. Williamson has always been able to conjure up a scene in her songs and Sorceress is a stamp on a moment in time. Here Williamson is questioning things, but mostly seems to reaching far more conclusions. Her work grapples with women’s fertility, astrology, aging and mortality; big topics with no concrete answers that require a willing mind.

Listening to Sorceress feels like chatting with your best friend, sitting in a candle-lit room with a faint whiff of incense sneaking out of an open window with a slightly warm wind flapping the curtains. It’s a vibe and a mindset we’d all be lucky to call home.

Sorceress is out on Mexican Summer

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