By Ian Bremner

Wherever Courtney Marie Andrews has lived around the world, she always been one to represent for her hometown in Arizona. Her music is equal parts poetry, southern soul and worldly folk with an underlying southwestern landscape. She is becoming more of a household name in songwriting circles since the breakthroughs of her recent records Honest Life and May Your Kindness Remain, but she’s been at this a long time.

Even with the voice she has, Andrews is a writer as much as she is a singer. Old Flowers was recorded by just the three folks, Andrews, Matthew Davidson (Twain and Big Thief’s James Krivchenia on drums. The intimacy is palpable and allows the lyrics to “pop” off the page. Few artists can essentially set their diary to music and evoke such power as Courtney Marie Andrews.

Old Flowers is as stripped down as Andrew’s been in some years, but with clear confidence in her writing and fresh new perspective coming out a 9 year relationship. The mark of a truly great songwriter, Andrews conjures up specific emotions that you can tangibly feel, whether you’ve felt similarly at one point or not. You may not have experience with a twisted dream at a carnival with your now-ex (Carnival Dream) but you definitely may have felt like “never letting love in again.” When things have gone south, we’ve all had moments thinking “it must be someone else’s fault.” These are phrases and admission Andrews sings with ease, yet cuts deep below the surface. With as unique and powerful of a voice as you will hear, Andrews leans on the power of the English language just the same.

Old Flowers has a tender touch of sorrow and a lot of soul. Where the sounds are subtle, it is powerhouse of feeling for all.

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