John Andrews & The Yawns - Cookbook

By Ian Bremner

Cookbooks look good on shelves in and around kitchens. Whether you ever read them is another conversation. Some folks love a good recipe, some prefer to eyeball proportions to varying degrees of success. It’s unknown whether John Andrews falls into either category, but he and his band The Yawns did release a “Cookbook” worth adding to the collection no matter which side of the table you sit at.

Cookbook, John Andrews & The Yawns’ 3rd full length is a beautifully sleepy record that sure, does sound good while making dinner, but mostly mirrors a slow walk in the sun. Gentle piano ballads with wispy drums and subtle synths fill the 10 track effort. Andrews’ gentle voice hums over 70’s country guitar licks and honky-tonk grooves. It’s nostalgic, comforting and invting.

Cookbook is out now on WOODSIST. Buy/Listen below: