Tristen - Aquatic Flowers

By Ian Bremner

As time moves on, there will be certain records marked by the pandemic. Artists have never collectively been forced to stay home with their thoughts for such a prolonged period and the music being released over the last several months has been a treat. Years from now, folks will say “oh, this is their covid record.” Tristen‘s wonderful new record Aquatic Flowers is NOT one of those necessarily, but perhaps a product of the time on a basis of the “new normal” everyone references these days.

Aquatic Flowers is more stripped down compared to her pop records like Sneaker Waves and Caves, and feels more immediate. It comes from motherhood, from having the time to analyze the world around her that she has created, but also the world created for us all which includes mythical figures and a global patriarchy.

Known for her hooks and guru of collaboration with the likes of Vanessa Carlton and Jenny Lewis, Tristen packs plenty of pop into this wonderful collection, with several song candidates for sticking in the brain. Aquatic Flowers is another masterful achievement for Tristen. It’s fun, cutting and powerful, things Tristen always has been as an artist. This time it feels like a product of the times, of her surroundings. May we have use the learnings of the last year for the evolution of ourselves.

Aquatic Flowers is out now on Mama Bird Recording Co. Buy/Listen below