T Hardy Morris - The Digital Age of Rome

By Ian Bremner

Songwriters used to life on the move have the blessing and curse of inspiration from their changing surroundings. In recent years T. Hardy Morris has transitioned to more family man than road dog, well before the world came to a halt. Years spent fronting Athens-based Dead Confederate and 3 additional solo records has turned to spending more time at home, which of course draws new types of inspiration. For T. Hardy Morris, catching the sunset in a shopping center parking lot can become a song.

T. Hardy Morris’ new record The Digital Age Of Rome, is an examination of the current landscape. Some of the best lyrics can come from the mundane observations we all absorb on a daily basis. When a writer can encapsulate something rarely even thought of, it can strike a cord. Morris does this with the best of them. A lot of Morris’ delivery is tongue in cheek, but he’s never making fun. Whether he’s singing to fake gold or first world problems, the true commentary is in the delivery itself, like nothing is ever as it seems. Even the album cover possesses a bluish-blur as if taken from a photo on a computer screen.

The end of the album closes with a jaunty tune titled Just Pretend Everything Is Fine. For all of the analysis and coping mechanisms which Morris sings of, sometimes that’s all we can do.

Listen/Buy T. Hardy Morris’ “The Digital Age Of Rome” is out on Normaltown Records HERE