Rose City Band - Earth Trip

By Ian Bremner

Earth Trip does feel like a momentary vacation from reality. Rose City Band‘s 3rd record in as many trips around the sun is perhaps the most focused effort yet. Rose City Band is Portland artist Ripley Johnson‘s (of Wooden Shjps and Moon Duo) latest creative outlet. The project started as mostly a vehicle for Johnson to explore his most current writing whims and influences outside of his established bands, but has since turned into another cult-like favorite among country and psychedelia fans.

While we all melt away in the heavy heat of summer around the country, we may as well do so to the dripping sounds of Rose City Band. Earth Trip is both mellow and all-encompassing. It’s supremely lush guitar explorations lead you to the unknown, even after multiple listens. By the time the last note is played on Dawn Patrol, the 9 minute closing track, it feels like waking from a dream. At which point, you can choose to start the record over or continue whatever impulse Earth Trip has urged next.

Earth Trip is out now on Thrill Jockey Records. Buy/Listen below