Liam Kazar - Due North

By Ian Bremner

A record like Due North brings a smile to your face for more reasons than one. First, Chicago musician Liam Kazar, who has been involved in many projects over the years with the likes of Jeff Tweedy, Steve Gunn, and others, finally gets his chance to shine as a solo artist. Secondly, and more importantly, his debut album is the type of modern rock n roll that you can’t help but enjoy. It’s got a little something for everyone. It’s a fun, goofy and groovy affair that switches gears on you at the perfect moments.

Between the 60’s rock vibes, songs like Old Enough For You would fit nicely on a playlist with the Talking Heads or 80s David Bowie. Tunes like Frank Bacon and No Time For Eternity fit more with the 90’s Bob Dylan type of alt-country. His singing style could fit into decade. There’s a mellowness and easeful wit to the way Kazar delivers his lyrics. All of the songs on Due North sound as if they were legitimately fun to make and sing. The record is a wonderful blend of modern rock that sounds classic.

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